C-Thru™ 5Q, 10Q & 15Q - Recycling Collection Tubes

The C-Thru 5Q, 10Q and 15Q range of recycling containers are ideal for collecting small waste items such as domestic batteries or coffee pod capsules and are a popular choice amongst retail and grocery stores.

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The transparent polycarbonate body minimizes the risk of cross-contamination and allows operators to see when the bin needs emptying. Optional features including a full level indicator and recycling decals also improves ease of use for operators and passersby to encourage efficient recycling and maintenance.

A choice of aperture colors allows the C-Thru 5Q, 10Q and 15Q recycling containers to be used to segregate and collect a variety of waste streams. This range of transparent recycling tubes is an ideal choice for retail stores and lobby areas and is available with many innovative features to improve the ease of use and maintenance.

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