Focus on Healthcare

An efficient waste management program is essential when ensuring high sanitation levels at any location, which is why we provide hygienic & high-quality trash and recycling bins, designed to seamlessly integrate into any healthcare environment. Combined with our outdoor safety solutions to help manage water risks, this specially selected range is ideal for ensuring a trash-free, safe and eco-conscious environment.

Glasdon supply high-quality, professional products designed to enhance your hospital or clinical setting, providing you with a hygienic and organized setting for your visitors and patients.

Combat PPE waste indoors or outdoors with a variety of personal protective equipment receptacles. For areas with high volumes of waste, use the
Nexus® Shuttle PPE Waste Bin with the added advantage of a foot-operated pedal for touch-free disposal to maintain sanitary conditions.

Printing confidential information can be unavoidable for healthcare organizations and sensitive documents must be protected from unauthorized use. Create peace of mind for your institution by managing confidential documents with our wide range of secure containers, designed to ensure all patient sensitive records and data are stored correctly and confidentially.

Attractive and purpose-designed trash containers help maintain a professional and well-kept external environment whilst encouraging all visitors to correctly dispose of waste. High-quality designs with varying capacities available. Choose a high-volume container such as the Glasdon Jubilee™ 29 Gallon Trash Can to limit the need for frequent emptying or replacement.

Creating outstanding security procedures for your external operations is easy with our highly visible water safety products. Ensure maximum safety standards all round with our Guardian™ Life Ring Cabinets, constructed from premium materials to provide a long service life, and protection from theft and vandalism.

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