Commercial Cigarette Ashtrays & Smoking Receptacles

We’re here to help you keep cigarette waste under control on your premises, with a wide range of quality, hard wearing commercial ashtrays. The Glasdon collection offers everything from floor mounted cigarette bins, to wall mounted ashtrays and general trash cans with ashtrays.

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Glasdon commercial ashtrays are weather and vandal resistant, and manufactured with highly-durable materials to provide a long service life. The locking mechanisms are extremely hard wearing and built to withstand repeated use. To ensure maximum safety, our range of outside ashtrays are available with a variety of stubber grille options.

Help to reduce the cost of cleaning up cigarette butt litter for your community, or organization, by siting commercial cigarette ashtrays outside workplaces, parks and sidewalks. View our guide on how to reduce cigarette butt litter for some extra tips and advice.

Having a wall mounted ashtray will take up very little space, making it perfect for narrow spaces. We supply a dedicated selection of wall mounted ashtrays for convenient siting in a range of smoking areas. Alternatively, our commercial ashtrays can be post mounted or left free-standing to best accommodate your needs.

The variety of capacities available further ensures our units are versatile, and suitable for commercial applications, such as; entrance ways, recreational areas and outside buildings. We also offer large capacity outdoor trash cans with optional hood mounted ashtrays and aperture stubbing grilles, as well as ash and trash receptacle combos.

A selection of our free-standing and wall-mounted ashtrays are also available as Express Products, where fast processing and delivery charges are included in the price. We aim to ship all Express Products within 48 hours of receiving an order*. Find out more about what Express Shipping entails, here.

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