Focus on Shopping Malls

Introduce stylish waste receptacles, high-quality safety equipment and premium recycling solutions into your shopping mall to create a clean and tidy environment for your shoppers. Designed to seamlessly integrate into any shopping mall, our wide range of premium products are sure to enhance your customer’s experience.

Keeping trash and litter at bay in shopping malls with high footfall is essential for maintaining a well-kept and organized center. Whether you have limited space or need an extra large capacity to keep up with high waste disposal, we are sure to have the right solution for you. Our Glasdon Jubilee™ Trash Can is supplied in two sizes to help combat litter in any area. View our helpful guide to find out which Glasdon Jubilee Trash can is right for you.

Parking lots for shopping areas can be busy at the best of times, which makes implementing outdoor recycling receptacles in these locations a great way to increase recycling. We supply a variety of external recycling bins designed with large capacities to collect a high volumes of waste from shopping mall visitors.
Our C-Thru™ 36G Recycling Containers are designed with clear polycarbonate bodies to allow contents to be seen, minimize cross-contamination and reduce costs.

Plastic shopping bags are used in abundance within shopping malls & centers and yet only a small number of them are recycled. Establishing segregated plastic bag recycling containers for customers is the perfect way to stand out and prove to your shoppers you are an eco-conscious business; a trait that encourages a strong customer-business relationship. Want to know more? Here is everything you need to know about plastic bag recycling.

Providing clear and multi-functional recycling containers is easy with our range of Nexus® Transform receptacles that can hold up to four waste streams of your choice. With a streamline design and clear signage, these recycling cans are the ideal solution to collect large quantities of recyclable waste without disrupting the flow of traffic.

Add a personal touch to your products with the Glasdon personalization service. We offer the oppurtunity to incorporate your shopping centre logo, colors and messages onto your chosen products. Our dedicated in-house graphic design team are able to provide you with a free of charge illustration so you can see exactly how your product will look before you place your order.

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