Paper & Plastic Cup Recycling Bins

Increase disposable cup recycling rates with cup recycling bins and stations by Glasdon. We offer dedicated and multi-purpose paper and plastic cup recycling bins, designed to help you implement an effective and efficient cup recycling program.

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Choose from our selection of specifically designed cup recycling bins and cup stations, which feature liquid reservoirs, internal cup stacking tubes and separate moulded compartments for lids and general trash/mixed recyclables. The purposely designed cup shaped apertures take small, medium and large cups, which are stored in the stacking tubes.

For facilities with higher footfall and frequent paper and plastic cup disposal, the Nexus® 26G cup recycling station is a dedicated solution which can take up to 200 cups. All Glasdon coffee cup recycling bins are perfect for siting in areas such as cafeterias and food courts, as well as school cafeterias. Why not co-ordinate Nexus containers from our school recycling bins range, to site alongside your chosen paper and plastic cup recycling bin?

A multi-purpose unit, such as the Nexus® Transform Cup Recycling Station, is perfect for facilities with a greater mix of recyclable waste, including disposable cups. It features separate apertures and compartments in the main bin for general trash and mixed recyclables, with the addition of a liquid reservoir and a cup stacking tube for the collection of the used cups, making this cup bin an all-round, effective solution.

For back of house applications, where the collection and storage of cups is required, choose the compact Nexus® Cup Stacker. This slim-line unit can easily be integrated into commercial kitchen environments, to create a more efficient recycling process. To help combat waste from food scraps and other kitchen trash, view our complete range of restaurant and commercial kitchen trash cans.

With the option to add signage and decals with your own message and branding to your coffee cup bin, we can also help you develop recycling programs that will inform and educate your staff and customers, encouraging them to recycle correctly too!

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