Transparent Trash Cans

Our transparent trash cans are designed not only for efficiency but to meet the demands of modern security & Department of Homeland Security's regulations.
With clear polycarbonate plastic and secure locks , our bins minimize cross-contamination of waste, ensuring contents are visible at a glance to promote safer & better waste disposal habits.

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Enhancing Efficiency & Security with Glasdon's Transparent Trash & Recycling Solutions

With large capacity trash containers that offer easy visibility and specialized recycling bins for segregating different waste streams, Glasdon transparent trash cans ensure effective waste minimization and maximum security in high-traffic areas.

Easy Maintenance and Monitoring

Our transparent trash cans allow for quick inspections of waste contents without the frequent need for emptying, ensuring efficient waste management. With Large capacities of up to 50 gallons, these transparent garbage cans are perfect for high-traffic locations and facilities, maximizing productivity.

Reduced Cross-Contamination

Glasdon transparent trash cans are the perfect solutions for minimizing cross-contamination of waste, with dedicated bins for specific waste streams such as paper, batteries, or aluminum cans, you can easily segregate recyclables for a more sustainable approach to waste management.

Space-saving solutions

Combine two or more of our clear garbage cans to accommodate various waste streams in one convenient location. Our Orbit™ trash bag holders offer versatile alternatives to free-standing receptacles, perfect for high-traffic transport hubs and stadiums. With a variety of fixing options - walls, posts, or stands - these trash bag holders require minimal space for installation while ensuring effective waste collection with clear plastic sacks.

Homeland Security Compliant Trash Cans

In response to the Department of Homeland Security's anti-terror directive for commuter rail and subway systems, we designed compliant trash cans with recycling labels to encourage proper waste disposal. The C-Thru™ 48-Gallon offers enhanced security, durability, and aesthetic appeal with its lockable feature and can/bottle aperture ensuring compliance with regulations while prioritizing safety and functionality.

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