Focus on Services

Effective waste management and safety products are the key to creating a hygienic and smart environment at any business. Our range of products for the Services industry are manufactured from only the highest quality materials, ensuring resistance to vandalism and everyday wear and tear whilst complementing any setting.

Glasdon design and manufacture the highest quality products for a low maintenance, long service life. We provide effortless, uncomplicated waste management and outdoor safety equipment to our customers to improve their business economically and visually.

Reduce trash on your site and promote the correct way to dispose of waste with our traditionally-styled Glasdon Jubilee™ 29G Trash Can. Perfect for external areas, this large capacity waste bin can store a high volume of waste, minimizing the need for frequent emptying and reducing costs.

Improve the waste strategy within your company and introduce more economical business strategies to help create a greener brand image. How do I choose a recycling container? With our extensive range of receptacles, you are sure to find the ideal solution based on your organization’s recycling needs and objectives.

To ensure your organization adheres to rules and regulations regarding on-site smoking, it is essential to create a designated smoking area within your premises. Introducing a cigarette station for staff and clients is further encouraged to allow a segregated area to prevent any fumes or odors from affecting other users. The Ashmount SG™ Cigarette Unit is the perfect option for floor limited areas where footfall is high.

Ensure your business operates with superior water safety equipment with our highly-visible, durable Guardian™ 24 Life Ring Cabinet with USCG approved life rings. Suitable for all weather conditions and with additional security features, these live-saving devices and housings can be placed in any space of your choice.

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