Dog Waste Stations With Bag Dispensers & Signs

We offer easy to install and maintain, stress-free dog waste solutions equipped with a durable dispenser for storing poop bags & signs,
making it simple for dog owners to clean up after their furry friend.
Designed to be wall, rail, post-mounted, or post-free standing, these dog stations provide the versatility and durability needed for outdoor spaces.
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Your One-Stop Shop for Durable & Hygienic Pet Waste Stations

At Glasdon, we offer a range of high-quality pet waste stations designed to keep your outdoor and public spaces clean and tidy with two exceptional models that redefine the use of dog waste stations for parks and open spaces.

Combining Functionality and Aesthetics

The Retriever is a state-of-the-art dog station that stands out with its sleek design and high functionality. Available in black, anthracite gray, or deep green, this station is equipped with dedicated decals that encourage correct use. The Retriever’s unique features include a 9-gallon capacity, a secure chute system, and a weather-resistant construction. Its small footprint and slim design ensure minimal disruption to pedestrian flow, making it an ideal choice for any outdoor or public space.

Classic Design with Modern Features

The Fido is a classic pet waste station that offers a 7-gallon capacity bin. Available in a choice of red or deep green, the Fido is easily recognizable with its large decal promoting correct waste disposal. The Fido’s self-returning lid locks in odors and improves hygiene, while its weather-resistant construction ensures a long service life with minimal maintenance needed.

Suitable for All

Whether you’re managing an apartment complex or a park, our commercial dog waste stations are designed to suit all outdoor spaces. You never have to compromise on your aesthetics. Our stations blend seamlessly into any environment, enhancing its appeal while providing a necessary service. Check out our tips on managing pet waste in the community here!

Easy-to Maintain Dog Stations

Our pet waste stations are designed with the user in mind, ensuring easy and hygienic disposal of pet waste. Both the Retriever and the Fido are constructed with durable materials, promising a long service life with minimal maintenance needed.

Customize your Doggie Waste Station

Make your pet waste receptacles stand out with our personalization service. Customize your stations with company or community logos, messages, or branding, enhancing the visual appeal of the stations and promoting a sense of community ownership and responsibility.

Express 48-Hour Dispatch Available

Looking for fast shipment of your chosen dog waste bin? We offer Express Dispatch, where we process shipment within 48 hours of order with the delivery cost included in the price.
Not sure what product is right for you? Speak to one of our Experts and we'll help get started on customizing and choosing the right pet waste station.
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