Focus on Manufacturing

Help to keep working areas clean, safe and tidy with high-quality, low-maintenance Glasdon products for manufacturing environments. Our range features waste management solutions including trash bag holders and transparent trash receptacles, as well as battery recycling tubes, resilient life ring cabinets and more, all specially selected to suit industrial workspaces.

We understand that different manufacturing environments have different requirements and needs, which is why we offer a broad range of solutions to suit any industrial workspace. From warehouses and factories, to laboratories, workshops and office buildings; we’ve got products to suit any area of the manufacturing sector, so you’re sure to find a solution within our range.

Implementing effective trash and recycling infrastructure is a necessity within any workspace. We manufacture an exceptional range of waste management receptacles including trash cans, recycling bins, multi-stream disposal stations and transparent containers, all available with personalization to create a dedicated solution for your environment.

Our high-quality Orbit™ Trash Bag Holders are a popular choice for use in warehouses and workshops and can be adapted for the collection of any waste stream using custom decals and colors. When used with transparent sacks, these receptacles offer maximum visibility of the contents, ensuring security is high and cross-contamination risks are low.

All Glasdon products are constructed from materials of the highest quality, offering exceptional durability and strength for a long, low-maintenance service life. Unsure which solution is best for you? Take a look a look at our guide on how to choose a trash can for more information.

Keeping your environment is kept clear and tidy is one concern, but safety is also likely to be another.

Work near water? We supply vandal-resistant and corrosion-resistant life ring cabinets which are ideal for water plants, or any other area where water poses a danger. Our water safety products are available with a range of fixing options, offering flexibility when it comes to movement.

For more information on any of our products for the manufacturing industry, or to hear customer testimonials such as how we helped to drive sustainability at Chrysler with our expert recycling solutions, please contact us via LiveChat today.

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