Focus on Hotels and Hospitality

Creating a smart and functional hospitality environment with effective waste control and risks management solutions, can help leave a lasting, positive impression on your guests. Our extensive range of products are perfectly suited to complement any hospitality and accommodation settings to provide assurance for all visitors of outstanding hygiene and safety standards throughout the company.

Glasdon products for hotels and hospitality environments have been designed to be hard-wearing, high-quality and low maintenance, creating peace of mind for your business and allowing you to focus on important daily matters that you might not otherwise have time for. Rigorously tested to optimal performance standards, our waste management and safety products can help to improve visitor experiences in hotels, motels, holiday resorts, luxury lodges and any other hospitality environment.

Establishing your own recycling program within the hospitality industry has now been made easier with our expanded range of indoor recycling containers. You can be guaranteed we’ve designed a product that’s right for your company; whether you want small and discreet, or sizeable and clear, we are sure to help you choose a recycling container perfectly suited to your taste and requirements.

The number one priority for guests has, and always will be, safety; so, reassure all with our high-quality water safety equipment, designed to be bright, visible and easily accessible when required. Whether it’s the hotel’s own private pool or a lake or river on your premises, always be prepared with our durable, secure Guardian™ life ring cabinets available with USCG approved life rings and rope.

Many hospitality organizations are taking the step to go greener; cutting purchasing savings and hauling costs are just two of the benefits of reducing food waste in the cafeteria. By introducing a food compost bin into your catering area, you can segregate organic waste, manage portion control and help educate employees, all whilst doing your bit for the environment as you go, which guests are always keen for.

The Glasdon range of flexible yet resilient traffic bollards are the ideal system to calm high traffic areas around your business and keep your customers informed, organized and content, ready for a hospitable welcoming from you. Impact-absorbing posts like the Buffer™ bollard are the absolute solution to low-speed vehicle nudges in parking lots; subtly advising customers where and where not to park, without any severe consequences for either the vehicle or bollard if collision occurs.

Promoting deals and informing visitors is made simpler with the Advocate™ sidewalk sign. Available as a free standing or wall mounted model with a large display area, this presentation system is guaranteed to capture your customers attention.

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