Confidential Waste Containers & Lockable Paper Bins

With a variety of sizes and customizable options, our bins offer secure solutions to accommodate different workspace configurations and volumes of confidential paper waste.

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Secure and Versatile Confidential Recycling Bins

Glasdon's range of confidential recycling bins ensures the safe disposal of sensitive documents with designs that help keep your confidential waste secure before shredding and recycling.

Durable & Lockable Bins

Our confidential recycling bins come with a solid and durable bin body and lids with specially molded slotted apertures. Each bin includes a secure key lock to prevent unauthorized access to the waste documents inside, ensuring the information is kept safe till disposal.

Versatile Size Options

A lot of our bins are designed to be sleek and slender, making them suitable for deskside use. For environments with a high volume of confidential paper waste, we offer lockable shredding containers with capacities of up to 36 gallons, which can be conveniently located against walls or next to banks of desks for easy access.

Customizable and User-Friendly Features

These lockable bins feature recognizable decals and labeling to encourage the correct disposal of confidential waste. Additionally, we offer customization options for adding your branding and messaging to reinforce in-house data protection campaigns.

Contact us to learn more about our personalization service. For additional indoor or outdoor recycling bins to manage general recyclable waste, including paper, plastic bottles, and disposable coffee cups, explore our full range of our full range of recycling bins.

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