Indoor Recycle Bins & Commercial Recycling Containers

Improve diversion rates with this extensive range of indoor recycling containers. The contemporary designs of our indoor recycle containers ensure that they will complement your décor and furniture. Place them side-by-side to create centralized indoor recycling stations or alternatively choose stand-alone units to collect one or multiple types of waste.

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With Glasdon you can choose from single or multi-stream containers which feature clear, recognizable decals and specially molded apertures to ensure that recyclable waste is disposed of correctly to minimize cross-contamination. Unsure about what’s right for you? Read our single-stream recycling vs. multi-stream recycling guide for more information.

We offer several smaller recycling containers that are ideal for siting in areas where space may be limited or footfall is lower. These are great for using in and around the office, as their narrow footprint makes them convenient to place under work desks or next to furniture.

Alternatively, choose larger capacity units for busy areas such as cafeterias and entrance halls.

Create the ultimate indoor recycling station with the Glasdon Nexus® range. With a wide choice of capacities available and a sleek and clever design, you can introduce a stylish recycling solution for all areas of the organization without taking up valuable floor space.

Introduce an effective school recycling program with our range of school recycling bins where a variety of styles, sizes, and capacities will suit all of your campus needs.

In areas where security is a priority, Glasdon offers containers with a transparent body to allow the contents inside to be seen easily. These solutions also help to prevent the cross-contamination of recyclable waste and are a popular theme for a selection of our battery recycling containers.

Durable and robust, Glasdon indoor recycle containers are low maintenance with a long service life.

Our full range of indoor recycling bins is available to be personalized with your preferred waste stream, organization logo or message. Talk to us today about how we can help you add a unique touch to your recycling program.

To improve recycling in external environments, see our coordinating ranges of outdoor recycling containers.

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