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Glasdon Product Testing and Quality Assurance

We’re committed to excellence, and with vast experience manufacturing and supplying environmental and safety products, we're constantly developing and testing new products to make sure we meet our customers’ needs.

To help us achieve this, product testing is key.

To ensure the highest possible standard and minimize the possibility of product defects or issues, our in-house Quality Assurance team put every new product through its paces before the product launch to ensure our products continue to perform well throughout the product service life.

What tests do we perform?

  • UV testing: coloured materials are placed under intense ultraviolet light to simulate years of exposure to sunlight.
  • Salt spray testing: Metal components are exposed to concentrated saline to replicate the effects of a marine environment.
  • Water Ingress testing: Subjecting our products to high-powered water bursts, this testing ensures that our products don’t take in water during heavy rain periods. Some of our electrical products must pass Ingress Protection (IP) tests where they must withstand being fully submerged in water or sprayed with powder and show no signs of ingress.
  • Temperature testing: As part of our quality assurance process, all our products are subject to both low and high temperatures. This ensures that we are confident that they will perform well even in harsh temperatures and conditions.
  • General testing: hinges, foot pedals, and other components undergo testing for longevity through thousands of operations.
  • Abuse testing: we try our best to destroy a product to ensure it's tough enough for unsupervised areas - from deliberate vandalism to accidental vehicle collisions, we need to know our products will stand up to anything they might face.

  • A Glasdon working hitting a C-Thru Litter Bin with a baseball bat to test its strengthTesting of a Rebound Signmaster Bollard

See how one of our best sellers - the transparent C-Thru Recycling Container can withstand even the toughest knocks and remain reliably intact.

How is a product weather-resistant?

As part of our quality assurance process, many of our products undergo specific testing to ensure they can withstand harsh weather conditions. These tests include temperature testing, UV testing, water ingress testing, and external wind tunnel testing.

See how a product that is always facing the most adverse weather conditions - the Guardian Life Ring Cabinet, can withstand extreme physical pressures and look as good as new, preventing the need for a costly replacement.

To view more of our product testing videos, visit our Youtube Channel.

For more information on our full range of products, contact us or use the LiveChat facility on this website.

Wednesday, August 17, 2022
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