Focus on Architecture & Design

Glasdon are a leading manufacturer of contemporary and attractive architectural furniture, providing sustainable solutions for all urban and commercial environments. Our range includes both external and internal products in a range of styles, specially designed to complement modern aesthetics.

Co-ordinate with modern architecture with the Glasdon range of contemporary internal products and urban furniture. Our products are specially designed to complement a range of environments whilst maintaining a stylish aesthetic.

Our premium range of steel recycling bins are ideal for incorporating into urban architectural projects for an aesthetically pleasing setting whilst also providing function and efficiency. Manufactured with an Armortec™ coated steel framework, Glasdon metal recycling bins offer unrivalled durability for a low-maintenance, long service life.

At Glasdon, we have a responsibility to not only provide top-quality, attractive products but also a social responsibility to the environment. Our range of environmentally friendly products help businesses practice sustainability through eco-conscious manufacturing processes and recyclable materials. Using Glasdon not only provides you with the leading manufacturers products but also with the understanding and ability to contribute to a more circular economy.
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Personalize your Glasdon products to specific projects and clients using our free visualization service with a no obligation quote. Customizing products is an effective way of tailoring products to your requirements and communicating a projects specific waste reduction message. You can choose your waste stream, color and logo or create your own look entirely. Check out some of our personalized orders for some inspiration!

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