Focus on Transportation & Logistics Services

Glasdon are a leading manufacturer of sustainable solutions for the transportation and logistics industries. We supply a wide range of products to help improve the efficiency of your waste management operations and improve safety for staff and visitors. Weather and vandal resistant materials ensure our products are designed to withstand repeated use and provide a long, reliable service life for your business.

With the need for transportation and logistics services ever increasing, the demand for better waste management and safety equipment within these businesses increases too. Glasdon provide long-term solutions for these requirements with a wide range of readily available products which never compromise on quality.

Our highly visible life buoys and cabinets are ideal for ports and maritime transport where the risk of water emergencies is heightened. Our durable life ring cabinets are designed with tough, vandal and corrosion resistant materials to keep essential life-saving equipment inside safe.
Learn more about how Glasdon life ring cabinets protect ring buoys.

Install durable transparent trash cans in high-security zones, to allow for full-inspection of the bin contents for maximum safety. Our C-Thru™ 48G Trash Receptacle offers a large-capacity for collecting increased volumes of waste in busy crowds and reduces time spent emptying and cleaning.

Incorporate space-saving PPE disposal bins within your premises with the Glasdon Orbit™ PPE Bag Holder. Ideal for use with transparent sacks, this container is perfect for collecting used masks, gloves and tissues in crowded areas whilst allowing contents to be visible.

Create a designated smoking area within your transport hub or logistics center with robust, dedicated cigarette receptacles. Available in wall or post mounted models, our cigarette bins can be installed away from important operations and non-smokers to ensure unwanted fumes are contained. Wall-mounted options allow for cigarette butts to be collected in areas where floor space is valuable. Browse the full range of wall-mounted cigarette receptacles.

Prioritize safety in transportation or logistics locations with instantly recognizable Foreign Object Debris (FOD) bins. Our FOD bins are rigorously tested to ensure optimum durability alongside minimal maintenance.

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