Focus on Scientific & Technical Services

Effective waste management and safety products are the key to creating a professional, hygienic workspace. Our range of premium products are ideal for creating simple, yet effective waste and safety solutions for laboratories and research industries whilst complementing any aesthetic.

Maintaining a professional and tidy site within scientific and technical industries is crucial for keeping an organized working environment for your employees. Our range of eco-friendly products offer sustainable solutions to allow your organization to effectively run a successful operation.

Glasdon commercial trash cans are all manufactured from highly durable materials, and the Glasdon range of sack holders is no exception. Our Orbit™ Sack Holder is suitable for siting in both indoor and outdoor settings and can hold large volumes of waste without taking up valuable floor space.

Scientific and technical companies are often fast-paced and busy industries that use vast amounts of personal protective equipment. It is important to introduce PPE waste disposal stations to dispose of these large volumes of used masks, gloves and tissues hygienically and quickly. Our C-Thru™ 50G PPE Bin is the ideal, large-capacity solution to collect your company’s PPE waste correctly.

With our dependance on technology ever-growing, managing e-waste is increasingly becoming more demanding.
We design and manufacture a range of electronic waste recycling bins for ink cartridges, toners and mobile phones to satisfy this need. Available in a multitude of sizes and styles to cater to your business.

Keeping sensitive documents secure prior to shredding is crucial in any organization to prevent unauthorized access. Our confidential paper bins are supplied with keyed locks and thin slot apertures to stop unwanted personal from accessing confidential company information.
Find out how you can best manage your confidential documents.

For more information on the range of products we offer for the scientific and technical services industry, please browse our website or LiveChat with us today!

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