Focus on Conference & Exhibition Centers

With an abundance of visitors, conference and exhibition facilities require more waste solutions and safety equipment to keep up with the high flow of traffic. Glasdon offer a wide range of high-quality products to satisfy this need, for easy and efficient maintenance of business and convention centers. Solutions in every style, size and material, with added personalization of event or company branding available through our customization service.

Managing large, busy events such as conferences or exhibitions can be challenging, but Glasdon offer simple yet effective waste and safety solutions to make this task easier. With products specifically designed to withstand repeated use, we are sure to provide you with the products you need for a successful, low-maintenance operation.

High volumes of attendees in one space can easily create an abundance of trash and our large-capacity Canyon™ Trash Can is the perfect solution to reduce frequent emptying and cleaning. Manufactured with robust materials to combat all external factors, our full range of trash cans are reliable throughout their long-service life.

The use of cans, plastic and glass bottles is becoming increasingly more popular at crowded functions and the need for recycling them is too. Our range of recycling receptacles caters to this and provides specific cans and bottle recycling bins. The Nexus® 26G Cans/Plastic Duo Recycling Station is the perfect solution for collecting these two separate waste streams in one streamlined container.

Add a personal touch to your conference by incorporating your event’s logo, brand or colors onto your chosen products to effectively communicate your waste reduction messages to your attendees. Our dedicated in-house graphic design team can provide you with a free of charge illustration before you purchase. You can now browse examples of our personalization for some inspiration to enhance your facilities.

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