Focus on Parks and Open Spaces

Open space environments such as parks, recreational areas and downtown areas inevitably attract many visitors from around the community. By strategically placing our products around these locations, you can help to enhance the beauty of your landscape and encourage your visitors to dispose of trash and recyclables responsibly, as well as maintain a high standard of safety.

We have a wide variety of products to help keep parks clean and safe, from stylish outdoor waste receptacles to safety bollards, outdoor shelters and more.

Our park trash cans have been purposely designed for their durability to ensure that they provide resistance to adverse weather conditions and corrosion. This gives you peace of mind that your products will provide you with years of little maintenance or replacement. Receptacles such as the Canyon™ Trash Can offer large capacities perfect for open outdoor areas which attract a high volume of footfall.

Outdoor recycling bins are ideal for encouraging visitors to segregate recyclable waste and maintain a clean and tidy community. Create a recycling station using the Nexus® 52G Trash & Recycling Container. This dual combo bin collects both trash and recyclable waste in one unit, with separate internal liners to keep waste segregated. The slim, elliptical design is non-obtrusive, causing minimal disruption to pedestrian flow in busy parks and on sidewalks.

Does your environment feature a waterfront, lake or river? Our durable and highly-visible life ring cabinets are extremely popular among national parks and wildlife reserves to help keep high level water destinations safe.

We also have a select range of high-quality pet waste stations that are perfect for complementing public environments and, along with the rest of our Open Spaces range, can be personalized with your organization's logo, message or configuration. Our how to choose a pet waste station guide features all you need to know to help you decide which dog waste bin is right for your location.

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