Focus on Quick Service, Restaurants and Coffee Shops

We provide a range of customizable, durable products, which are ideal for collecting large amounts of waste in quick-service environments, restaurants and coffee shops. All of our products are easy to clean, require minimal maintenance, and offer a long service life.

Operating a quick-service environment is no simple task, but it can be made easier by ensuring your site offers accessible, sustainable and effective waste-management solutions. We design and manufacture a wide range of products which assist in this field, from outdoor and indoor recycling containers, to commercial trash cans, food waste containers, and more.

Combat food waste within commercial kitchens with the Nexus® Shuttle Food Waste Recycling Bin. Complete with a foot pedal-operated lid for maximum hygiene and bright, easily recognizable food waste decals, this food bin is the perfect solution for segregating food scraps and organic waste ready for composting. Need a little more inspiration on how you can reduce food waste in your eating establishment? Check out our guide on how to take food waste off of your restaurant menu.

Looking to improve cup recycling rates at your coffee shop? Our range of cup recycling bins provide dynamic, practical, and eye-catching solutions to aid the responsible disposal of used coffee cups. The Eco Nexus® 16G Cup Recycling Bin features internal cup stacking tubes to neatly stack away used disposable cups, as well as reservoirs for excess liquids and separate compartments for lids and landfill waste. Site within coffee shops and cafés near to entrances and exits or centralized for maximum impact.

For food courts and cafeterias, the Nexus® 36G Restaurant Trash Can is an ideal choice. Complete with a swing lid and a 36-gallon capacity, as well as a choice of tray top or tray holder if required, this fast food bin can be sited indoors or outdoors to collect waste. You can also personalize with recycling graphics to create a recycling station in busy areas.

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