E-Waste & Cell Phone Recycling Bins

Ensure your e-waste disposal facilities are up to standard with Glasdon electronic waste recycling bins. Complete with ink cartridge, toner and cell phone recycle bins, our range features all you need to create an e-waste recycling program for your organization.

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With our dependence on technology ever-growing, managing e-waste is increasingly becoming a top-priority for companies across America. Cell phones, batteries, ink cartridges - they’re all a huge part of modern life, so e-waste disposal and reduction containers are always going to be a good call for your organization.

We design and manufacture a range of electronic waste recycling bins, all of which have gone through rigorous product testing and consultation periods, to ensure they’re the most durable, practical and efficient solutions for our customers.

The large capacity Nexus® 36G is a robust, accessible e-waste bin, making it the ideal solution for busy areas such as office spaces and entrance halls. Available as either a cell phone recycle bin, or a dedicated ink cartridge recycling bin, the Nexus 36G is low maintenance and guaranteed to have a long service life.

Glasdon electronic waste recycling bins can also be personalized to meet the specific requirements of your organization, including; corporate branding, logos and company messages, as-well-as dedicated decals to inform people of the intended waste steam of your e-waste bin.

Ensuring you have a co-ordinated waste management program across your business can be hugely beneficial for your overall recycling rates, and electronic waste bins can be a great place to start. Take a look at our guide on how to optimize waste management in the workplace for some tips and advice, or contact us via LiveChat to speak to one of our friendly advisors, today!

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