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Office Recycling Bins

Create an effective recycling program for your workplace with our range of office recycling bins. From small desk-side office recycling containers to large, centralized office recycle bins, Glasdon can provide the best containers to help your business recycle more.

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Managing paper waste is a top priority for most companies which is why Glasdon are committed to providing a range of office paper recycling bins including lockable recycling containers for the secure collection of confidential paper waste.

Our office recycle bins are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 5-quart coffee pod or battery recycling tubes to 36-gallon recycling containers ideal for collecting a variety of recyclable waste streams.

Larger capacity receptacles, such as the Nexus® 36G containers are ideal for creating a centralized recycling station in large office spaces or commercial cafeterias.

Create a dedicated recycling station for your office and encourage employees to recycle responsibly using our recycling containers. With the option to incorporate brightly colored decals with specially molded apertures, you can help employees boost recycling rates while promoting recycling across the organization. Combine co-ordinated recycling containers to create a recycling station that can collect the recyclables which are common within your offices.

Glasdon office recycle bins can also be personalized to add your corporate branding, logo, company message or to feature a waste stream that your organization wants to major on. To find out more about our personalization options, take a look at our Guide to Personalization and Branding.

We also produce a range of commercial trash cans, suitable for creating a coordinated waste management program throughout your business. As well as a wide range of trash cans, we can provide cigarette receptacles to deter cigarette butt waste, as well as smoking shelters to help you to create a designated employee smoking area to improve the health and safety considerations of your company.

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