External Cigarette Bins & Outdoor Ashtrays

Prevent the unsightly build-up of used cigarette butts outside your premises, with our highly-durable and weather-resistant range of outdoor cigarette receptacles.

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Whether you're looking for outside ashtrays which are wall mounted or free-standing - we'll have a solution that meets your requirements.

We ensure our commercial outdoor ashtrays are designed with both aesthetics and practicality in mind. Many of our cigarette ashtrays for outside also feature a removable front door, allowing emptying and maintenance to be carried out with minimal effort- which can really help you to create a clean and safe smoking area.

All of our outdoor ashtray receptacles feature a designated cigarette decal, to further assure people of the units intended use. Still unsure which unit is the perfect fit for your environment? Take a look at guide on how to choose a cigarette receptacle for more information. You can also add a range of personalization and branding options to your outdoor ashtrays, allowing you to get the most out of your frequently used unit.

Our range includes outside ashtrays which are capable of safely collecting and storing up to 3,500 used cigarette butts. Many of our floor mounted cigarette bins also require minimal installation space, as their narrow footprint and compact design are constructed with practicality in mind.

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