Stackable Recycle Bins & Containers

Save space and create an effective recycling program with stackable recycle bins and recycling containers by Glasdon.

Choose a single 8-gallon, double 16-gallon, or triple 24-gallon stack configuration to sort up to 3 streams of waste efficiently. These stackable recycling bins with lids are manufactured from environmentally friendly Duratec™ which offers a stylish finish, designed to complement contemporary environments.

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Stackable recycle containers are a great solution to sorting waste, especially where space may be limited or your main recycling bins aren’t close by; or if you need to create an eye-catching focal point that will boost the effectiveness of a recycling program in an organization or business environment.

Use stackable recycle bins to improve recycling rates by keeping recyclable waste and trash totally separate.

When it comes to standing or storing the Nexus Stack bins, we designed our stackable waste system with total versatility in mind. The double 16G stack or triple 24G stack can either be used as a sturdy freestanding recycling point, fixed to a wall, stored inside a cupboard or placed underneath worktops / raised surfaces. The lightweight single stacking containers can also be placed on top of a raised surface.

For larger businesses and organizations, we also offer stylish multi-stream indoor and outdoor recycling stations with capacities of up to 48-gallons and two, three or four separate compartments for efficient waste sorting and segregation.

Glasdon design and manufacture a wide range of high-quality recycling bins which are ideal for internal recycling and waste management programs. Take a look at our complete range of indoor recycling bins.

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