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Commercial Indoor Trash Cans & Receptacles

Enhance waste management facilities within your premises by selecting one of our stylish and attractive indoor trash cans. Specially designed from robust materials to provide excellent durability and strength, these commercial grade trash receptacles will complement any internal environment.

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Our commercial indoor trash cans are manufactured from high-quality, hard-wearing materials to offer durability and style. Available in a choice of colors, sizes and styles, this range of internal trash cans can integrate with any modern or traditional surroundings.

Find the best solution for your waste management needs with the choice of swing top, open top and hooded indoor trash receptacles.

Alternatively, we also produce and supply an extensive range of outdoor trash cans in varying sizes and designs, which are suitable for siting outside your business, corporate building or leisure complex.

We offer large capacity indoor garbage cans which are great for areas such as schools and busy shopping malls where a large volume of waste is to be expected. For food courts and cafeterias, our dedicated range of restaurant trash cans with specially designed apertures are prefect for these areas. Smaller offices and businesses may require trash cans with smaller capacities. Take a look at our stylish, slimline trash bins with narrow footprints for an attractive, space-saving unit.

You can also personalize your chosen waste receptacle to feature your organization’s logo, message or branding. LiveChat with us for more information.

Looking to co-ordinate your internal trash cans with your recycling facilities? Many of our trash receptacles have corresponding recycling bins, so you can create an attractive waste management station. Simply view our range of indoor recycling containers to find the right solution for you.

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