Fluorescent Light Bulb & CFL Recycling Containers

Our CFL recycling bins offer a safe, compliant, and eco-friendly solution for disposing of used CFLs. Designed with convenience and environmental protection in mind, these bins help you manage waste responsibly.

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Collect & Recycle CFLs in an Easy, Sustainable Way

Our CFL recycling containers are designed with a focus on durability, safety, and user convenience, making them the perfect choice for the eco-friendly disposal of compact fluorescent lamps or light bulbs. Here’s what sets our bins apart:

Durable Construction:

Constructed from double-skinned Durapol, these recycling bins are exceptionally durable and resistant to vandalism and weather. They ensure longevity with minimal maintenance, making them ideal for public areas.

Easy to Use:

The Nexus City 64G features a secure aperture with brightly colored hood and decals, designed for easy identification and encouraging recycling. Users can conveniently deposit CFLs without hassle.


Committed to sustainability, our bins are recyclable at the end of their service life, contributing to a circular economy and reducing environmental impact. They contain 15% recycled content when purchased in black.

Equip your facility with our reliable and eco-friendly CFL recycling bins. Contact Us today to learn more about how our bins can benefit your organization and contribute to a greener, safer environment.

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