Focus on Facilities and Property Management

An expert product range designed with a focus on customer needs, product quality and optimal performance standards makes Glasdon the ideal choice for facilities and property managers. We provide effective solutions in a diverse series of styles, sizes and materials, ensuring you can find the right product for any site within our range. Includes waste management products, water safety equipment and more.

A wealth of experience working with different companies across a broad range of industries, has helped us to build up not only an excellent product range, but a wealth of knowledge as well.

All products featured in this section have been selected based on the top solutions chosen by facilities and property managers. Renowned for reliability and a long-service-life, we design and construct our products using a range of materials. Each material we use is carefully selected to ensure longevity alongside pleasing aesthetics, and our product testing ensures they can withstand heavy use and maintain a high standard.

With a commitment to sustainability and the environment, we also endeavor to ensure many of our products utilize sustainable materials and can be successfully recycled at the end of their service life.

Our waste management products include high-quality trash cans, recycling bins and ash receptacles, ensuring we have the right solution for any facility or estate. For outdoor smoking areas, the Ashmount™ SG Cigarette Receptacle is ideal for targeting litter from cigarette butts. Its stainless steel stubbing grille and metal internal liner ensure maximum safety and keeps waste segregated.

View our helpful how to choose a trash can guide to find the right waste solution for your location.

For locations where both recyclable and general trash is produced, we supply dual trash and recycling cans as well as multi-stream stations. Our highly popular Nexus® Transform range is available with up to four compartments for different waste streams. Complete with color-coded apertures, dual-sided access and large graphics, these stations are available as either standard indoor bins or specially designed outdoor solutions with hoods.

Looking to customize and/or personalize your new products? Our wide range of material options and colors offer the ability to personalize a product to your particular requirements, and our in-house graphics team can create decals and themes to help market a corporate identity or company brand.

For safety solutions at your facility, we also supply high-quality life ring cabinets to decrease potential risks from large bodies of water.

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