Focus on Financial Services

Glasdon offer a wide range of high-quality waste management products ideal for the financial services industry, including secure document bins and indoor recycling solutions. Available in a multitude of styles and sizes, our range of products for financial services are sure to feature everything you need to maintain a professional business environment.

Introducing waste management and safety equipment into financial institutions can easily enhance your environment. With product ranges that feature both traditional and contemporary styling, Glasdon are sure to have the right solutions to complement your business.

Keeping confidential documents secure and protected from unauthorized personnel is especially important for companies who handle sensitive information day to day. Our range of confidential paper recycling bins offer slot apertures with keyed locks to prevent prohibited access and a variety of capacities ranging from 8-gallons to 36-gallons to suit your business needs. Use our helpful guide to see How you can best manage your confidential documents.

Creating a stylish and reliable recycling program has never been easier than with our premium range of Nexus® Style Recycling Containers. With the capability to hold up to four different recycling streams, these contemporary containers are available with a selection of premium modern finishes to complement and enhance your aesthetic.

Reduce littering externally on your premises by siting high-quality outdoor trash cans in busy areas. A popular option for those within the financial industry is the Community™ Trash Receptacle.With its large 34-gallon capacity and keyed-lock, this outdoor trash can is ideal for private business premises and sidewalks.

Banks and other financial institutions are often used by customers accompanied by four-legged friends, so it is beneficial to be prepared. The Fido™ Pet Waste Station is a durable, eye-catching dog waste bin to make sure your clients dispose of any fouling correctly and maintain a hygienic environment for all other clients.

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