Commercial Trash Cans & Waste Receptacles

When it comes to creating the best commercial-grade trash can, we prioritize capacity, durability , and most importantly, functionality.
At Glasdon, we ensure all our bins provide the utmost value by creating sturdy trash receptacles made from recycled plastic that require low maintenance to help keep a clean and waste-free environment.

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Why Glasdon Commercial Trash Cans?

As a leading commercial trash can manufacturer, we design and produce a diverse range of high-quality waste containers to suit all environments. With over 60 years in production, we create waste receptacles that are not only functional but last a lifetime.

Here's why you should get a Glasdon trash can:

Quality Control Testing

Our trash cans undergo rigorous quality control testing to ensure optimal performance in various settings, maintaining high standards of functionality. They are durable, resisting cracking, fracturing, dents, chips, and scratches while retaining high tensile strength across extreme weather conditions.

Safety, Flexibility & Versatility

Many of our commercial garbage cans come with options for ground fixing and locks, enhancing security and stability, particularly in high-traffic areas. We also offer a wide range of shapes, colors, surface textures, and lightweight lid styles, making them easy to move and reposition. From compact bins suitable for small environments to large trash containers up to 96 gallons, we offer a variety of sizes to meet diverse waste management requirements efficiently.

Popular Choice Among US Cities

Cities across the country are choosing our bins for their waste management needs. With their durability, eco-friendly design, and innovative features, our bins are ideal for urban environments. Municipalities trust our bins to handle high volumes of waste while maintaining cleanliness and sustainability.

Versatile & Decorative Designs

Our modern contemporary styles include fun animal-shaped bins, adding a touch of whimsy to parks & playgrounds. We also offer transparent trash cans for high-traffic locations where security is a concern and decorative refuse containers for schools & offices so you never have to compromise on your style. Our cigarette receptacles help deter cigarette butt waste and seamlessly integrate into any environment while maintaining aesthetic appeal.

Environmental Sustainability

A lot of our bins are made from recycled plastic and high-density polyethylene. The use of these materials re-emphasizes our commitment to environmental sustainability and the several advantages of 'Plastic' over traditional 'Metal' bins. Since these bins are recyclable themselves, they can be reprocessed and transformed into new products, minimizing waste and the need for new plastic production.

By choosing Glasdon, you not only get durability and functionality but also contribute to making a greener and better planet.

Still deciding? We've created a guide on how to choose a trash can to help you decide what is right for your environment

Our products can be customized to suit your unique style whether you're looking to match your brand identity, complement existing aesthetics, or add a distinctive touch to your space. Speak with one of our experts to customize your bin.

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