Focus on I.T, Digital & Communication Services

Glasdon design and manufacture an extensive range of premium and durable products, perfect for I.T, digital and communication services. As market leaders in the field, we pride ourselves on using high-quality, eco-conscious materials for optimum product performance and sustainability within your business. Includes waste management receptacles, e-waste bins, smoking control solutions and more.

Glasdon offer durable and reliable waste management and safety products that combine style with functionality and never compromise on quality. Our tailored product range for use in I.T, digital and communication industries are made from high-quality, rigorously tested materials for optimum product performance.

An increased dependence on technology has led to heightened electronic waste levels, which is why e-waste recycling is now more important than ever before. Our designated e-waste recycling containers are ideal for collecting used cell phones, ink cartridges and batteries, to help keep the toxic waste they produce out of landfills. Dedicated, color-coded decals and apertures are easily identifiable to encourage use and improve WEEE recycling rates, as well as reduce waste collection costs.
Learn more about how to reduce e-waste and make eco-conscious decisions within your business.

Introduce premium and stylish internal recycling and trash containers to your workspaces for an effective waste management system with a polished, professional finish. The Glasdon Nexus® Style Recycling Bins range provides large capacities and robust waste collection solutions, available with a range of full vinyl wraps for a customized look.

Our premium water safety equipment range features high-quality, easily-accessible life ring cabinets, with vibrant, highly-visible finishes for easy recognition. Manufactured from tough, vandal and weather resistant materials to protect USCG approved life buoys and allow for siting at any open water areas within your premises.

We understand the importance of adding a personal touch to your products to stand out and create the right aesthetic for your organization. Which is why we offer a free of charge visualization service so you can view your personalized product incorporating your logo, brand, colors or messages before you buy.

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