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Glasdon Express Products – Your Questions Answered

Glasdon, Inc. have recently launched a new range of Express Products, offering fast dispatch across the US But what exactly does this mean for our customers? Read on for all you need to know:

What is an Express Glasdon Product?

Express Fido 25 With Labeled Attributes

An Express Product from Glasdon is essentially an item from our catalog which is manufactured to set specifications, and is available with fast processing and dispatch included in the product cost.

These products are typically best-selling items from our existing range, supplied with specific color options, fixing options and other supplements as standard.

Our aim is to dispatch all Express Products within 48 hours of receiving an order, based on standard business days.

What does the Glasdon Express Service entail?

Glasdon Express Service is a fast method of delivery, offered for our Express Products range as standard.

We aim to dispatch all Express Products within 48 hours of an order being confirmed. If your order is placed on a non-business day (typically public holidays & weekends), we will send out your order within 2 business days, ensuring your product is sent to you as quickly as possible.

The product price includes delivery, so there are no additional or hidden costs at the checkout.

Please note that if your order includes items which are not part of our Express service range, the delivery method, times and tariffs will revert to standard shipping and Express Dispatch times will not apply. Express Orders are limited to one order per customer per day. The Express Service is not available for deliveries to Alaska, Hawaii or, Puerto Rico, as well as those to Residential addresses and New York City . 

For  products not included in the current range, please request a quote.

What types of products are in the Express Range?

Express Products

Our Express range features a wide variety of products, including but not limited to:

  • Indoor & Office Recycling Bins
  • Pet Waste Stations
  • Life Ring Cabinets
  • Ash Receptacles
  • Trash Collection Tools
Express Ashguard SG Free Standing Cigarette Receptacle Express Guardian Life Ring Cabinet with 24' life ring & rope Express Nexus 8G Recycling Bin Range - Batteries, Cans Trash & Food Waste Express Retriever City Pet Waste Station in Anthracite Gray

The range includes our highly popular Fido™ Pet Waste Station, as well as the best-selling C-Thru™ Battery Recycling Tubes in all colors and sizes.

We always strive to meet customer demand and are constantly innovating our product range, so more Express items may be added to this range in future. You can keep up to date with which products are available via Express Shipment, by viewing our complete range here.

How can I tell if I am ordering an Express Product?

All Express Products are named accordingly and feature a banner on the product itself, so you can’t miss them!

You should also look out for indicators on the product page and on the cart page when you go to check out. These include:

Express C-Thru 15Q Battery Bin next to Normal C-Thru 15Q Battery Bin
  • Express Service icon and ribbon on the pricing box (right hand side of the product image)
  • Blue box underneath the pricing box, which states that the Express Service offer is valid on that product
  • When you get through to the cart, an Express Product will default to Express dispatch as the method, with the cost calculated to $0 (if your basket also contains products which aren't available for Express dispatch then this will not apply)

Further terms and conditions are listed in the product description within the features & specifications section.

All Express Products are also available as standard variants where regular delivery or freight shipping costs, times and tariffs apply, so please be sure to select the right product before ordering.

Will my order arrive faster if I order via Glasdon Express Service?

Our Express Service includes faster dispatch from our warehouse in Richmond, Virginia. We will ship your order to you within 48 hours* of receiving it, meaning your order should arrive more quickly than products sent via standard shipping.

The courier methods we use may be the same for both types of delivery, so it really is the processing time that makes all the difference here.

For more information about our Express Range, or to chat with a specialist about shopping online with Glasdon, please contact us via LiveChat today!

Terms and Conditions:
*Express Service is available for products in the Express range. Your order will be dispatched within 48 business hours of us receiving it. Orders placed on non-business days will be dispatched within 2 working days. Applies to orders for Express Service products only. Orders are limited to one Express order per customer per day. Orders which include products that are not part of our Express Service range will revert to standard shipping times and tariffs. Express Service is not available fordeliveries to Alaska, Hawaii or, Puerto Rico, as well as those to Residential addresses and New York City . For  products not included in the current range, please request a quote.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020
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