Glasdon Jubilee™ 29 Gallon Recycling Bins

Glasdon Jubilee 29 Gallon Recycling Bins aer a popular choice for many outdoor environments including sidewalks, downtown areas and college campuses.

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The Glasdon Jubilee 29 Gallon Recycling Bin is an ideal waste management solution for busy external environments, plus, it's sure to coordinate perfectly with other products within the Glasdon Jubilee family.

The recycling bins in the Glasdon Jubilee 29 Gallon Range are available with color banding and decals to suit the required waste streams for your site. These color-coded recycling decals help encourage users to recycle responsibly and reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Products within the Glasdon Jubilee range have many innovative features to ensure longevity and protect the waste receptacles from vandalism or extreme weather conditions.

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