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Enhancing Communities with the Glasdon Jubilee™ Range

An effective waste management program begins with a reliable waste-capturing solution. The Glasdon Jubilee™ range offers all the advantages and features communities need to optimize their waste management practices.

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This article explores how the Glasdon Jubilee™ range has become a staple of successful waste solutions, transforming waste management programs in towns and cities nationwide. Several essential criteria have been met to achieve this success.

The Criteria for a Successful Waste Solution

Sufficient Capacity

When considering waste disposal, different locations have varying requirements. In a city, larger containers are necessary to accommodate the higher volume of waste and prevent overflow, whereas smaller towns with quiet residential settings may benefit from more compact options.

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The range offers three capacities to suit any environment, ranging from 29 gallons to 80 gallons.

The Glasdon Jubilee Range in Size

Promote a Cleaner Environment

Trash cans not only collect waste but also encourage proper disposal habits among individuals, thus preventing garbage from accumulating in parks, streets, and other public spaces.

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With distinctive decals, identifiable colored banding, and the option of an A4 poster frame, the range actively promotes waste disposal in any setting.

Encourage Recycling

To improve sustainability, reduce the burden on landfills, and conserve valuable resources, recycling containers are essential. Incorporating these solutions into waste management plans is essential because they assist in sorting waste by category, simplifying the process at treatment facilities.

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Each model of the range offers a recycling variant to capture mixed recyclables, glass, aluminum cans, newspaper & magazines, and plastic bottles. These containers come with colored banding and decals to suit the required waste streams.

Glasdon Jubilee Duo 58G 220 Recycling Paper & cansGlasdon Jubilee 29g Recycling Range

Aesthetic Appeal

Incorporating solutions that seamlessly fit into their surroundings not only enhances the look of communal spaces but also encourages cleanliness. By aligning your outdoor furnishings with the architectural aesthetic, you can establish a cohesive waste management program that will improve waste disposal rates.

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The traditional Jubilee design found throughout the collection seamlessly co-ordinates with tradition in a contemporary world. Preserving tradition is a key philosophy in our design process, exemplified by our Glasdon Jubilee range.

Meet the Family

Glasdon Jubilee ™ 29G Trash Can

Featuring a sturdy build specifically designed to endure outdoor environments, the Glasdon Jubilee ™ 29G Trash Can exemplifies sustainability while demonstrating our commitment to the environment. With a volume of 29-gallons, this receptacle offers ample storage, which means fewer emptying cycles and a reduction in collection costs. Meanwhile, a sleek, contemporary design adds visual appeal to any public area.

Glasdon Jubilee™ 80G Trash Can

The Glasdon Jubilee™ 80G Trash Receptacle is the ideal option for handling bigger waste disposal requirements. Purpose-built to house a standard 64-gallon roll-out cart or up to 79-gallon bag holder system. It's a top pick for locations that produce large amounts of waste, such as commercial establishments and busy streets.

Glasdon Jubilee™ 58G Duo Trash Can

The Glasdon Jubilee™ 58G Duo Trash Can offers a unique dual-compartment design, allowing for the separation of waste and recyclables with two 29-gallon liners in one single unit. Users can sort their waste on the spot with this receptacle, promoting recycling efforts.

The Glasdon Jubilee Duo 220

What else does the Glasdon Jubilee range have to offer?

Safe Opening: Large recessed lifting handle for gloved hands ensures safer opening with efficient slam shut action to close the door What is this? Recessed handle and Tri Key opening

Glasdon jubilee on plain white background - cut out image

Increase Correct Disposal: Glasdon Jubilee's traditional appearance and choice of easily identifiable labelling, along with four apertures, makes it attractive and easy to use for the general public What is this? Identifiable Labelling

Reduce maintenance costs: Manufactured from recyclable Durapol™ polymer for long service life. Durapol will not chip or rust, is easy to clean, and the unique ribbed design deters flyposting What is this? Durapol™ material with unique ribbed design

Personalization and Branding: We design with personalization in mind, providing you with the flexibility to add your corporate logo or message onto your unique trash can. Optional poster frame kits are also available with this product, offering you the option to change campaign messages more frequently. Why not add a map or transport information? What is this? Optional Poster Frame Kit

Whether you need a compact bin for a bustling city center or a heavy-duty solution for a high-footfall area, your needs can be met with the Glasdon Jubilee™ range. Elevate your waste collection infrastructure with versatility, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

Invest in the future of waste management, invest in Glasdon Jubilee™

If you require more information on any of the topics discussed or would like to discuss how the Glasdon Jubilee range can benefit your local constituency, please Contact Us and talk to our team of specialists today.

Friday, April 12, 2024

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