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Glasdon Jubilee™ 58G Duo: Combining the Best of Both Worlds

Glasdon has launched an exciting new addition to the admired Glasdon Jubilee range. A solution crafted to meet and refine the ever-changing landscape of waste management by combining two worlds of waste disposal.

The Glasdon Jubilee 48G Duo

Introducing the Glasdon Jubilee™ 58G Duo Trash Receptacle - a versatile on-street waste solution that features an elegant blend of classic and modern design.

This dual-purpose external container effectively handles large amounts of waste in downtown urban environments, suburban neighborhoods, public parks, and commercial districts, making it a valuable tool for county and city administrators.

Same Traditional Jubilee Aesthetic...

The same great look that brought Glasdon Jubilee into the hearts of many communities across the nation. A trash can that seamlessly co-ordinates with tradition in a contemporary world.

Glasdon Jubilee 58G Duo Trash Can

While we strive to embrace contemporary design in our company, we also highly prioritize the timeless brilliance of tradition. Preserving tradition is a key philosophy in our design process, exemplified by our Glasdon Jubilee range.

The range combines vintage-style appeal with modern functionality. Constructed from Durapol™ material, these waste containers offer exceptional sturdiness and are designed to withstand graffiti and vandalism. Their ribbed exterior seamlessly integrates into street settings while also discouraging fly posting. Additionally, the domed hood prevents trash from accumulating and rainwater from pooling, an advantageous feature for any outdoor trash receptacle.

Maintaining all these attributes, the Glasdon Jubilee 58G Duo inherits everything that made its range of predecessors so popular.

...New Waste Collecting Capabilities

Aligning with current recycling methods for a brighter future. A trash can that efficiently collects waste and proactively encourages responsible disposal.

Glasdon Jubilee 58G Duo Recycling Receptacle

Contemporary design isn't just about looking good, it's also about discovering new ways to boost sustainability in a world reliant on reusing materials.

The Glasdon Jubilee 58G Duo is a streamlined waste solution that effectively combines two separate streams and can hold up to 58 gallons of waste in either steel or Durapol material liners. This means less frequent emptying and a reduced risk of cross-contamination.

The Recycling Receptacle variant allows you to specify the types of waste you wish to gather. Select the desired waste streams and contribute to your community's recycling efforts. You can merge streams like plastic bottles with aluminum cans or paper waste with mixed recyclables. To efficiently gather street garbage, the Trash & Recycling option is the perfect solution, specifically tailored for everyday types of waste.

A Deep Dive into the Duo

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3-Point Interlocking Double Door

A fail-safe gravity action with slam-shut operation securely engages the door. While a corrosion-resistant, minimal, unique keyed locking mechanism ensures access only by operators. One key is required to open two doors.

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Keyed or Keyless

Available in either a keyed or foot-activated keyless model, removing the need for operator keys.

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Four Trash Apertures

Allows waste to be deposited from both sides for ease and flexibility of use.

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Overhanging Aperture Shelves & Anti Cross Contamination Shield

Ensures that waste falls directly into the liner, providing less frequent maintenance and minimal cleaning.

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Suits Heritage-Style Streetscapes, Parks and Communities

Select from a range of engaging colors to match your area's current aesthetic. Options include black (contains 15% recycled material), millstone, dark blue, deep green, and anthracite gray.

Optional Extras available to improve your 58G Duo

Liner Elastic Sack Retention - For use with Durapol or steel liners to provide secure fitting of sack.

Recycling Aperture Panels - Help prevent the cross-contamination of waste with dedicated aperture panels, ensuring the correct use of the chosen waste stream.

Blanking Panels - Cover or conceal an aperture to increase security or direct disposal.

A4 Poster Frames - Include sponsorship opportunities or display points of information.

With 60 years of waste management experience, Glasdon is renowned for quality, design and cost-effectiveness.

If you require more information on any of the topics discussed, or would like to discuss how the new Glasdon Jubilee 58G Duo can benefit your waste management schemes, please Contact Us and talk to our team of specialists today.

Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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