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Eco Nexus® 16G - 16 Gallon Recycling Containers

Available in blue or gray, the Eco Nexus 16 Gallon recycling bin range is an ideal and convenient waste management solution for small indoor areas. Bright colored apertures and decals also encourage users to dispose of recyclable waste responsibly.

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The Eco Nexus 16 Gallon recycling bin range features slim 16 gallon capacity recycling bins, ideal for encouraging recycling in areas where space is limited.

The Eco Nexus 16 Gallon recycling bin is also available to purchase as a 5-pack of recycling bins without lids for a cost-effective recycling solution. Quantity discounts may also apply on the pack of 5 Eco Nexus 16 Gallon recycling containers, please contact us for more information.

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