Nexus® Stack Recycling Bins

Create an all-in-one trash and recycling system to suit your needs with this stylish range of stacking recycling bins.

Choose a single, double or triple stacking configuration to sort recyclable waste and trash in one space-saving solution. With its contemporary design and premium finish, the Nexus Stack will complement workplace and communal environments while minimizing cross-contamination.

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With single, double or triple stacking configurations available, you can choose the Nexus Stack recycling station that's right for you.

In a workplace or communal environment, you may want to create a recycling station with a triple configuration to collect trash, mixed recycling, paper, aluminum cans or plastic.

The Nexus Stack range of stacking recycle bins are versatile and adaptable to your needs. Each removable tilt bin features a built-in liner - so no leaks. The removable tilt bins also make each stack easy to empty without the need to dismantle the stacking units at all! And with their smooth, polished finish and seamlessly molded interior, each stack is easy to clean too.

The compact and lightweight design of the Nexus Stack also means they are easy to place, store or position for optimum usage. Use in a freestanding configuration fixed or mounted to a wall. Store inside a standard size cupboard or sit a single stack e.g. for paper waste in an office, on top of a surface or filing cupboard for easy access. View our full range of office recycling bins here.

Not only does the Nexus Stack help you care for the environment, but it is also manufactured with high-quality, environmentally friendly Duratec™ material which contains 40% recycled content and can be recycled at the end of its service life.

We pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing products that enhance and help to protect the environment we live in. Many Glasdon products are either made with recycled plastic material or a material that can be recycled once the products are at the end of their long service life. Find out more about our green credentials and some of the environmentally friendly materials we use.

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