We took an icy-cold swim for Shiver In The River!

On Saturday January 30th 2016, Glasdon, Inc. employees were brave enough to be a part of the group of 200 volunteers who jumped into the chilly banks of James River, Virginia. The fundraising event was part of a community clean up orchestrated by Keep Virginia Beautiful, in an effort to increase programs that encourage trash prevention as well as educating the community on the importance of recycling.

Various activities were held throughout the fun-filled day including community and self-directed clean ups, a winter festival, a 5K walk/run and of course the famous James River jump – with waters of a brisk 36°F!

Carl Smith, Vice-President said:

“We had an awesome time! It was a great opportunity to help out our local community especially for something Glasdon, Inc. and ourselves are really passionate about.”

All the money raised goes towards investing in trash prevention measures, community outreach, education and recycling in a bid to preserve the beauty of Richmond and the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

We took an icy-cold swim for Shiver In The River!
Thursday, March 3, 2016
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