National Water Safety Month - May 2020

Man swimming in pool

What does the month of May mean to you?

For many people, May is the month where we can all take a deep breath, as winter becomes an ever-more distant memory, and we can look forward to the summer months which lay ahead. Long evenings and warm temperatures, what's not to like?

Whatever it is that you look forward to during the month of May, another key focus we all should be aware of, and ready to note on the calendar, is the fact that May is National Water Safety Month.

What happens during Water Safety Month?

All across the U.S., dozens of water safety groups, along with a coalition of water safety partners, including; the American Red Cross, the National Recreation and Park Association, the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance and the World Waterpark Association, work together to promote May as water safety month.

What began as a promotional week, back in 2003, has evolved into an annual, month-long, event – with help and assistance from a whole range of people and organizations.

Take a look at some American Red Cross water safety tips, or check out the list below...

Here's a few top tips on keeping water safe:

Teach children water safety and swimming skills as early as possible

Appoint a designated watcher to monitor children during social gatherings at, or near, pools

Keep rescue equipment poolside to be used quickly in the case of an emergency

Don’t leave objects such as toys that might attract a child in the pool and pool area

Maintain constant visual contact with children in a pool or pool area. If a child is missing, check the pool first


International Water Safety Day - May 15

It’s inspiring to see that the month of May is lending significant focus to the importance of water safety, all across the country. And if we look further afield, another key date to be aware of is May 15, where water safety will be focused on internationally.

International Water Safety Day (#IWSD), which this year celebrates its 8th annual event, aims to spread awareness and education, to people from all backgrounds, on how to be water safe.

This May 15; from classrooms and hospitals, to airports and fitness centers, both children and adults will come together, and learn the importance of water safety – as-well-as some simple steps, such as those listed above, they can take to help prioritize safety.

How can your organization prioritize water safety?

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Thursday, February 27, 2020
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