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Recycling at San Francisco State University!

Romberg Tiburon Center is located on the stunning San Francisco Bay offering environmental studies which focus on estuaries and marine environments. The center is a part of San Francisco State University and is situated just 20 miles from the main complex, offering graduates and undergraduates the opportunity to gain field experience and training along with practicing research skills. With over 34 acres of land, Romberg Tiburon Center has many different facilities including a research laboratory, office and classroom complex, as well as a conference center, all surrounded by beautiful native oak woodlands.

With a high number of visitors each year, Romberg Tiburon Center recognized the need for a recycling solution. They chose to purchase a selection of recyclable waste containers from the Glasdon Nexus® 13G range. The Nexus 13G containers have a contemporary design which helps to make the segregation of recyclable waste simple. Customized graphics and waste specific apertures all help with ensuring that the correct waste is placed in the correct container.

It is easy to customize your recycling system to your company's needs, the same as Romberg Tiburon Center, If you would like to find out more information please call us toll free on 1-855-USGLASDON (874-5273), email, or use the Live Chat feature on this website.

Recycling at San Francisco State University!
Thursday, December 11, 2014
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