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Recycling at Maplewood Richmond Heights School District

The Maplewood Richmond Heights District (MRH) is a public school system nestled in the St. Louis region of Missouri. The district offers a private school education across 4 schools; MRH Early Childhood Center, MRH Elementary School, MRH Middle School and MRH High School. We were pleased when MRH approached us wanting to improve the recycling rates of their district, having strong ties to helping and improving the community.

MRH opted for a number of  Nexus® 8G’s, with their compact size making them ideal for collecting smaller streams of waste inside classrooms. Several of our Nexus® 52G’s were selected and with their twin-liner nature means two separate streams of waste can be collected in one single receptacle, which provides the school with much needed convenience. Finally, our Eco Nexus® Bins provide the school with great flexibility for indoor siting and are available in 12 different waste streams to easily cater for various recyclable materials found on campus.

Personalized Nexus 8G & Eco Nexus Recycling Bins
Personalized Nexus® 8G & Eco Nexus® Recycling Bins

MRH were able to take advantage of our personalization service and opted to include their school logo on all of their bins to co-ordinate with their existing school colors and theme.

Ian Rowland, Administrative Assistant of MRH said “The bins are great! Everyone in our district has given us positive feedback on them”

We’re pleased we could help Maplewood Richmond Heights District improve their recycling rates.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016
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