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Optimizing Waste Management in the Workplace

You may have sited recycling bins within your workplace, but are they best placed and suited for maximum impact? Optimizing waste management within the workplace can help to boost your recycling rates accordingly. Read on for tips and advice.

Nexus 8G recycling Bins sited side-by-side underneath desk in office

Recycling in the office

Make recycling easy and convenient, by siting indoor recycling bins in high-traffic locations within the workplace.

Site office recycling bins under desks or deskside for added user convenience to enable your employees to effortlessly recycle waste. The Eco Nexus® 16G Recycling Bins easily fit underneath a desk and are available with dedicated apertures and decals for a variety of waste streams.

For shared offices and meeting rooms where multiple, larger capacity recycling bins are required, the Nexus 26G Recycling Containers are recommended. Place your recycling bins in centralized positions within the office for increased employee access and convenience.

Individual offices may not require such a large capacity, making the slim and stylish Nexus 8G Recycling Bins the ideal choice.

We recommend...

Pack of 5 Eco Nexus 16G Recycling Bins Nexus 26G Trash and Recycling Combo Nexus 8G Paper Recycling Container
Pack of 5 Eco Nexus 16G Recycling Bins Nexus 26G Trash and Recycling Combo Nexus 8G Paper Recycling Container
Can be sited under desks or desk side Place back-to-back or against a wall/desk Site close to paper outlets & cabinets

Recycling in the cafeteria

Kitchenettes and cafeterias will produce a large volume of food waste compared to other waste streams. Compost recycling bins should therefore be sited within these areas. It may also be beneficial to site recycling bins for beverage containers such as plastic bottles and cans here, or close to vending machines and break rooms.

Research claims that 64% of Americans drink at least one cup of coffee on a daily basis*, and so providing a cup recycling bin is recommended. Place your cup bank near to coffee machines or water tanks for maximum impact. Don’t forget to add a coffee pod recycling bin as well just in case!

We recommend...

Nexus 26G Can & Plastic Recycling Bins Nexus Shuttle Food Waste Recycling Bin
Nexus 26G Cup & Plastic Bottle Recycling Bins Nexus Shuttle Food Waste Recycling Bin
Place in high-traffic break areas Site in food preparation areas & cafeterias

Recycling in the copy room

Did you know that the average office worker uses up to 10,000 sheets of paper annually, 45% of which is discarded into the trash each day.**

Site paper recycling bins near to printers or copiers to help prevent paper from being discarded into the trash. Confidential waste bins should also be placed within the copy room to securely store any private documents prior to shredding.

Recycling ink and printer cartridges can help conserve natural resources such as water and oil, so make sure you install a recycling bin for this waste stream too!

We recommend...

Nexus 13G Paper Recycling Bin Nexus 8G Ink Cartridge Recycling Bin Nexus 26G Confidential Waste Bin
Nexus 13G Paper Recycling Bins Nexus 8G Ink Cartridge Recycling Bin Nexus 26G Confidential Waste Bin
Place near to printers and copiers Can be sited under desks or deskside Site near to fax machines or filing cabinets

Recycling in the lobby

The lobby or reception area is often the first place that will be seen when entering the workplace. It is therefore important to site recycling bins here to provide visitors, guests and passing employees with a convenient place to recycle and keep the lobby area looking clean and presentable.

It is also recommended to provide battery recycling bins for your employees and guests alike. The C-Thru™ Battery Recycling Containers are designed with a clear casing to help minimize cross-contamination, and to encourage users to correctly dispose of any used batteries to keep them out of landfill.

We recommend...

C-Thru Battery Recycling Range Nexus 8G Battery Recycle Bin
C-Thru Battery Recycling Range Nexus 8G Battery Recycle Bin
Place on the front desk or countertop Place in highly visible areas within the lobby

Recycling in the warehouse

Tailoring your recycling bins to their location can be a simple yet efficient way to influence your recycling rates.

Large capacity recycling bins are ideal for workplaces such as warehouse or factories, where a high volume of waste may be expected. The Nexus 36G Recycling Containers have a 36-gallon capacity, minimizing the risk of overflowing whilst maintaining a modern and stylish appearance.

Having to leave the work area in search of a recycling container may be inconvenient and time-consuming, so ensure your recycling containers are readily accessible at optimum points within your warehouse or factory. The Glasdon Orbit™ Recycling Bag Holders are a great addition and are available with a variety of fixing options to suit any location.

We recommend...

Glasdon Orbit Recycling Bag Holders Nexus 36G Trash Recycling Bin C-Thru 50G Mixed Recycling Bin
Glasdon Orbit Recycling Bin Holders sited in Chrylser warehouse Nexus 36G Trash Recycling Bin C-Thru 50G Mixed Recycling Bin
Fix to walls/rails/posts in central positions Site by the entrance or exit Place near to machinery & storage units

Recycling in the smoking area

It’s important to keep the external appearance of your workplace clean and presentable with outdoor recycling bins.

The traditionally designed Glasdon Jubilee™ 29G Recycling Bins feature four apertures for added user convenience, complete with decorative banding and decals.

Site your recycling bins in outdoor areas and walkways, to combat waste on the go.

With there being a 65% littering rate for cigarette butts in the US***, it may also be ideal to site cigarette receptacles in outdoor smoking areas. We offer a range of free-standing or wall mounted cigarette bins in order to suit your requirements and co-ordinate with any surroundings.

We recommend...

Glasdon Jubilee 29G Mixed Recyclables Recycling Bin Nexus 26G Recycling Range
Glasdon Jubilee 29G Mixed Recyclables Recycling Bin Ashmount SG™ Cigarette Unit
Site in outdoor areas and walkways Locate near to smoking shelters

Recycling stations

Enhance your office design and combat waste by forming a recycling station within the workplace.

Siting recycling containers side-by-side to create a recycling station can be a great way of targeting multiple waste streams at once, whilst maintaining an aesthetic and modern design.

Our recycling containers feature dedicated apertures according to the waste stream that is being collected and are available with custom graphics and decals, to encourage correct waste segregation and minimize cross-contamination.

We recommend...

Nexus 13G Recycling Range Nexus 26G Recycling Range
Nexus 13G Recycling Range sited side-by-side to form a recycling station Nexus 26G Recycling Range sited side-by-side to form a recycling station
Ideal for reception areas, offices & high-traffic areas within the workplace where multi-stream recycling solutions are needed

Don't forget to encourage your employees to recycle to get the best out of your waste management program!

For more information on the range of office recycling containers that we offer, please contact us or LiveChat with us on our website!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018
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