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Nexus City 64G Takes Recycling to Capitol Heights

The Town of Capitol Heights resides in Prince George’s County in Maryland. With approximately 4,400 citizens, Capitol Heights is a relatively small yet vibrant, urban and inclusive community. With a developing shopping and business district and its own Metro Station, Capitol Heights has received the accolade of being named a ‘Gateway to the Nation’s Capitol’ by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.

64G triple bank at Capitol heights

Customized Nexus City 64G Trash and Recycle Bins for Capitol Heights

Sustainability is important to the Town of Capitol Heights and they often encourage residents to get involved in recycling initiatives or events including their “Clean Sweep” event which calls for residents to help clean up litter in their neighbourhood, come rain or shine.

To help further increase their recycling rates, Capitol Heights were awarded grant funding to purchase new recycling containers. The Nexus City® 64G recycling bins were the ideal choice for encouraging community residents to dispose of trash responsibly.

Customized Nexus City 64G on curbside

Improving on-street recycling with the Nexus City 64G trash and recycle combo

Capitol Heights customized their Nexus City 64G trash cans to feature a personalized graphic board noting the waste streams along with their community logo, recycling message and #DareToCare campaign. They also added custom flip lids to match the chosen waste stream colors of the trash cans, creating an aesthetically-pleasing finished look whilst hygienically concealing waste.

The Nexus City 64G trash and recycling bins can house a 64 gallon bag or a 36 gallon wheeled garbage cart. Thanks to the large capacity size, the Nexus City 64G makes a great outdoor recycling station for public spaces.

easy-to-access street recycling center - NExus City 64G

Nexus City 64G Trash and Recycling Station in easy-to-access public spaces

Capitol Heights chose to place the combination trash can and recycling bins in convenient public locations including near the local police department, outside parks and near commercial parking lots and Metro bus stops. Location is key to improving recycling rates and placing trash cans in convenient spaces will encourage passersby to recycle responsibly and keep the streets clean of litter.

Nexus City 64G Combo Trash Recycle Can  

Nexus City 64G Trash and Recycle Combo

  • Large capacity – ideal for public spaces
  • Colorful decals to specify waste streams
  • Easy access for improved operator safety
  • Constructed from robust Durapol™ material for a long service life
  • Secure 5-point interlocking slam-shut door
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We are happy to have helped Capitol Heights with their waste management goals and commitment to creating higher living standards for residents. They certainly are a caring, clean community!

If you would like to find out more about buying a trash and recycle combo or how you can enhance your existing waste management program – please contact us or speak to us on LiveChat today!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017
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