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Which Glasdon Jubilee™ Trash Can is the Perfect Fit for Your Environment?

When it comes to disposing of trash, we appreciate that different locations have different needs. Whether you require a larger capacity outdoor trash can for areas with high volumes of waste, or a more streamlined option for areas where space is a little more limited, Glasdon Jubilee™ Trash Cans provide an all-round solution.

size comparison of Glasdon Jubilee™ Trash Can range

Choose from the XL Glasdon Jubilee 80G, or the more compact Glasdon Jubilee 29G

If you’re looking for a large capacity, polymer waste container, which has been specially designed for areas with high numbers of footfall traffic and trash hotspots, choose the Glasdon Jubilee 80G Trash Can.

Ideal for busy locations, such as downtown urban environments, suburban neighbourhoods, parks and recreational areas, this 80 gallon outdoor garbage can will help remove the unsightly prospect of over-flowing trash. Additionally, the impressive capacity of this trash can means it will need to be emptied less frequently than smaller equivalents, so also helps to reduce collection costs.

If you’re looking for a slightly more compact trash can which still provides a durable, easy-to-maintain exterior, alongside a traditional yet contemporary design, choose the Glasdon Jubilee 29G Trash Can.

The Glasdon Jubilee 29 Gallon Trash Can still offers all the impressive attributes of the 80G version (see below for more details), just on a more refined scale.

Ideal for a diverse range of outdoor environments, the 29G is a well-suited trash receptacle for parks, sidewalks, shopping malls, business’, colleges...and a whole lot else in-between.

Montage image of Glasdon Jubilee™ in use on street

What else do the Glasdon Jubilee Trash Cans have to offer?

Safe opening: Large recessed lifting handle for gloved hands ensures safer opening with efficient slam shut action to close the door What is this? Recessed handle and Tri Key opening

Increase correct disposal: Glasdon Jubilee's traditional appearance and choice of easily identifiable labelling, along with four apertures, makes it attractive and easy to use for the general public What is this? Identifiable Labelling

Glasdon jubilee on plain white background - cut out image

Reduce maintenance costs: Manufactured from recyclable Durapol™ polymer for long service life. Durapol will not chip or rust, is easy to clean, and the unique ribbed design deters flyposting What is this? Durapol™ material with unique ribbed design

Co-ordinate your street scene furniture: Glasdon Jubilee 80G co-ordinates with the Glasdon Jubilee 29 Gallon Trash Can and Recycling Bin Range, helping you to create a consistent, effective waste management program

Personalization and Branding: We design with personalization in mind, providing you with the flexibility to add your corporate logo or message onto your unique trash can. Optional poster frame kits are also available with this product, offering you the option to change campaign messages more frequently. Why not add a map or transport information? What is this? Optional Poster Frame Kit

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Thursday, June 13, 2019
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