Nexus® Style Recycling Containers & Stations

The Nexus® Style commercial recycling containers are fully-customizable, to meet your specific requirements. Adding a sense of quality, Nexus Style has the ability to incorporate vinyl wraps on the door, allowing it to seamlessly match with existing interior décor.

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The eye-catching range of Nexus® Style indoor recycling containers feature a striking design, whilst also offering a long-service-life, and requiring minimal maintenance.

Our range includes; 24 gallon recycling containers, 48G multi recycling bins, and versatile quad receptacles, making an ideal office recycling station. This wide range of choice also allows the Nexus Style range to be well-suited to a large range of locations, including; offices, educational facilities, retail areas, and commercial environments.

Whether you're looking for a singular recycling container, or a large capacity recycling station, take advantage of our varied customization and personalization options, allowing you to create your own range of custom recycling bins.

Choose from a number of custom designed vinyl wraps, allowing your Nexus Style recycling station to complement existing décor, whilst simultaneously creating a truly personalized finish.

Why not find out more about our new premium range of Nexus® Style recycling containers? Or alternatively, speak to our industry experts, today!

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