Focus on Manufacturing

Looking for some high-quality products to help keep your manufacturing environment clean and safe? At Glasdon, we design and manufacture a broad range of industry leading products, many of which are perfectly suited to the manufacturing industry.

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We appreciate that working in the industrial and manufacturing sector means a diverse range of requirements are needed in order to keep your work area safe, tidy and functioning.

Implementing appropriate trash and recycling infrastructure is going to be a must, no matter which area of the manufacturing industry you operate in. With that in mind, we ensure all our waste management products are durable, practical, and come with the option of adding personalization, to help create your very own, unique product. Not sure which trash can would be right for your environment? Take a look a look at our guide on How do I choose a trash can? for more information.

Ensuring your environment is kept clear and tidy is one concern, but safety is also likely to another. Work near water? We supply vandal-resistant and corrosion-resistant life ring cabinets, such as the Guardian™ 24" Life Ring Cabinet, which are ideal for waste water plants, or any other area where water poses a danger. Our water safety products are available with a range of fixing options, offering flexibility when it comes to movement.

For more information on any of our products for the manufacturing industry, or any of wider product range, speak to us today, and our industry experts will be happy to help.

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