Free Standing Cigarette Disposal Bins & Ashtrays

Effectively take control of smoking waste with high-quality, free standing cigarette disposal bins by Glasdon. Our sleek and stylish floor mounted cigarette bins are modern and eye-catching, ideal for tackling cigarette waste in busy, public areas.

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Prioritize safety and convenience with our range of hard-wearing, floor-mounted cigarette bins and ashtrays. High-quality construction from quality materials ensures our free standing ashtrays perform at optimal standards, all year-round.

Purposely designed to offer a narrow foot print, alongside a striking and contemporary design, our low-maintenance outdoor ashtray stands are ideally suited to areas of high footfall, such as; workplaces, building entrances and transport hubs.

Looking for a commercial ashtray stand to site at busy locations? The Ashguard SG™ free standing ashtray effortlessly collects and stores up to 3,500 cigarette butts. Or for areas where space is more limited, we also offer a number of easy-to-use wall-mounted ashtrays, all of which can really help when it comes to creating a clean and safe smoking area.

Glasdon products endeavor to enhance safety and security, wherever possible. We use rigorous testing procedures to ensure all our products meet the highest of standards, and our range of free standing cigarette disposal bins are no exception. Integrated fire-resistant properties help to minimize any potential fire risks and enhance safety, whilst stubber plates and grilles allow users to fully extinguish cigarettes before depositing into the internal liners. Take a look at our guide on how to choose a cigarette receptacle for more information.

We appreciate that different locations have different needs, so we also design and manufacture specialized trash cans with ashtrays. These 2 in 1 one units provide an all-round solution to both cigarette waste, and general trash. Browse our full range of outdoor cigarette receptacles, or talk to us today for more information!

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