Nexus® 26 Gallon Waste & Recycling Containers

Nexus® 26 Gallon Bin complements any modern setting, making it suitable for offices, colleges, cafeterias, and other busy indoor environments. This bin holds up to 26 gallons of waste with a narrow footprint, ensuring it doesn't take up valuable floor space

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Sleek Design, Efficient Waste Management

Transform your waste management system with the Nexus® 26 Gallon Waste & Recycling Containers. Designed to complement modern environments, the Nexus 26G Bin seamlessly blends style and functionality, making it an ideal solution for any workplace recycling scheme.

Space-Saving Footprint

With its slim profile, the Nexus 26G Bin maximizes efficiency without sacrificing capacity. Despite holding up to 26 gallons of waste, its narrow footprint means it won't monopolize valuable floor space, making it an ideal choice for even the most spatially challenged areas.

Contact-Free Disposal & Easy Maintenance

Equipped with a dedicated open aperture, the Nexus 26G offers a hygienic, contact-free waste disposal option, promoting a cleaner environment. This not only promotes cleanliness but also minimizes the risk of cross-contamination in shared spaces. The bin’s door features integrated wheels, allowing for effortless emptying and repositioning without the need for strenuous lifting.

Versatility for Any Space

The Nexus 26G is perfect for high-traffic indoor environments such as colleges, offices, and cafeterias. Use it as a standalone unit or pair it with other Nexus 26G bins to create an efficient, centralized recycling station. Co-ordinating trash decals help users easily identify and correctly dispose of their waste, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

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