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Be Future-Ready with Modular Designed Recycling

In an ever-changing world it’s important for your recycling program to be able to keep up with the moving times. One way this can be achieved is through a modular designed recycling program. Modular design recycling systems are a future-ready solution for waste management.

Many Glasdon recycling bins can be adapted to create a modular recycling system. With a wide choice of container styles, waste streams and color options, you can have confidence knowing that you can create a multi-stream recycling program to stand the test of time.

The contemporary, modular design of our indoor recycling containers means they will complement any environment and can be sited side-by-side to create a centralized recycling station or used as stand-alone units. These indoor recycling bins are the ideal recycling solution for commercial, industrial or educational organizations.

Nexus 26G Recycling Bins

Future-Ready Recycling System

Creating a recycling system is an opportunity to enhance your business. Indoor recycling bins, like the Nexus® 26G, provide a flexible solution to recycling. These stylish, large-capacity recycling containers feature a choice of aperture and color options allowing you to design a recycling program to suit your organization.

Thanks to their adaptable design, you can customize the Nexus 26G recycling bins to feature the waste streams most needed for your environment. This will enable you to focus on the streams that matter most and in turn, will help to improve recycling collection rates at your organization.

Our recycling bins can be used to create a centralized recycling station. Using multiple recycling containers, as opposed to using one single unit for all recyclable waste, allows your recycling program to withstand changes to recycling regulations. This will ensures your recycling program is a future-ready solution.

Interchangeable Apertures to Keep Up with Change

Change is constant and so you need a recycling scheme that can keep up. Glasdon recycling bins offer flexibility when it comes to choosing your waste streams. We provide various stream-specific openings for your recycling bins including: standard open apertures; slim paper apertures; round bottle apertures and apertures with lids.

If your recycling needs ever change, you can also alter your recycling apertures to meet your new requirements. The apertures on Glasdon recycling containers can easily be swapped, meaning you can refresh your recycling program as and when you may need to. Thanks to the innovative feature of interchangeable openings, you may never have to buy a normal recycling container again!

If you do decide to change the recycling container apertures, you can also order new decals to reflect the new waste stream of the container. We want to help you get the most out of your recycling program.

Nexus 26G located against wall

Perfect Placement in Prime Locations

The importance of placement is sometimes overlooked when choosing a recycling bin. Where you site your recycling bins is key to creating an effective recycling program. Consider placing recycling bins next to trash cans to discourage the improper disposal of recyclable waste.

It’s also important to make sure recycling containers are located in easy-access areas. A centralized recycling station is an ideal way to encourage recycling and can be placed in high foot-traffic environments such as reception areas, shared office spaces, dormitories or dining halls.

The Nexus 26G recycling containers offer the luxury of flexibility when it comes to placement. These recycling containers can be sited side-by-side or back-to-back to create the ultimate recycling solution in prime locations at your organization.

Colorful and Eye-Catching Design

Research conducted at the University of Berkeley* found that recycling bin design and placement can influence recycling rates on campus. Students stated that informational graphics and different color recycling bins increases the appeal of recycling.

Recycling containers should be aesthetically pleasing, conveniently placed and easy to use. Many products in the Glasdon recycling range are available in a wide range of colors. Having a harmonized color-scheme for your facilities recycling program will help frequent users to associate colors with certain recyclable waste streams.

Brightly colored apertures and graphics will also make sure your recycling station stands out from the crowd, allowing users to easily identify where the nearest recycling point is from a distance. Sign kits are also available for many of our indoor recycling containers. Sign kits can be fixed to the rear of the unit to provide additional signage to help promote your recycling message to passersby.

Using recycling containers with clearly visible decals is another key way to reinforce your organization’s recycling message. Glasdon recycling containers are supplied with concise recycling decals consisting of minimal text and graphics to clearly explain the intended waste stream of the unit. These color-coded decals can be co-ordinated with the recycling apertures of the bin to create a harmonized recycling program.

Nexus 26G Recycling Streams

Keep Recycling Consistent

Strengthen your organizations recycling program by keeping things consistent. Using co-ordinated containers, colors and graphics throughout your premises to reinforce your sustainability initiative.

Having a strong recycling program in place will also help protect your recycling program from regulation changes and will provide a cost-effective solution to waste management. Although there are many benefits to single-stream recycling, using modular design recycling bins will help to increase the longevity of your chosen receptacles.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017
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