Steel Recycling Bins

Ensure your waste disposal systems strike the perfect balance between contemporary aesthetics and long-lasting durability, with Glasdon steel recycling bins.
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Manufactured with an Armotec™ coated steel framework and Vandalex™ material front door, Glasdon metal recycling bins offer unrivaled durability, and with a striking, sophisticated exterior, they’re well-suited to a range of environments.

Both sleek and slim-line, Nexus Style steel recycling containers offer a choice of dedicated waste streams, all encapsulated within one attractive, space-saving unit.

If you’re looking to encourage recycling within the workplace, Glasdon metal recycling bins are available with a range of custom graphics, decals and apertures, all of which can be tailored to meet your exact requirements.

Ensuring your metal recycling containers are accessible can really help encourage people to dispose of their garbage responsibly, and this is where the Nexus Style excels. The modern, clean-cut look of the bin make it super approachable, allowing this to become one of our most impressive recycling stations to date.

If you require any further information about our steel recycling containers, or would like to discuss a specific metal recycling bin in greater detail, talk to us today!

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