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The retail store of the future is an exciting prospect for your shoppers.

What will store services or experiences look, taste, sound or even feel like in another 5 years? How will you adapt your environment to the ever demanding millennials looking for environmentally friendly brands?

Glasdon, Inc - Consumer Retail Innovation

Through collaboration with our Research & Development and Product Design teams, retailers can create customer journeys and service blueprints that will provide new and attractive solutions for both shoppers and the business.

We have proven experience of collaborating with Retail partners in exactly this way; working together to create new, bespoke solutions that answer customer and business needs. Solutions that today seem simple, having seamlessly blended into the fabric of the shopper journey and the management of store processes.

Since 1959, our mission has been to design, manufacture and supply solutions that enable our customers to contribute towards a cleaner, safer and more sustainable environment.

Glasdon, Inc – Consumer Retail Innovation

Customer Led Innovation with Glasdon

We’ve pioneered, personalized and customized some of our established market leading products to integrate new technologies and incorporate the evolving requirements of the customer’s business environment. This is how we do it:


”The need to tailor an existing solution or to create a new solution is not always evident at first. We listen first and then work with the customer to identify potential opportunities for personalization, customization or new product development.”
JD Villegas: Vice President

Ideation and Concept Development

”Opportunities translate into concepts. JD’s team liaise with our in-house Research & Development team to develop feasible concepts. These concepts are then presented to you for consideration and selection.”
David Holgate: Chief Product Designer

The selected customization or new product development (NPD) concept goes to our in-house Research and Development Team for further progression.

Personalization concepts are then co-ordinated by our in-house Graphic Design Team.

Product Design and Development

For NPD projects, the Product Design Team will progress the ‘first off’ product samples for rigorous testing and quality checks.

Launch samples will follow this for the customer’s final approval before production commences.


The life cycle of your products doesn’t end when the product is launched. Customer feedback is critical and our customer and technical teams are here to provide ongoing support and advice.

So let’s collaborate. Talk to our team of Retail specialists today.

You can also learn more about some of our Customer Led Projects here.

Monday, July 31, 2017
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