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New Nexus® Transform Range is a step forward in Waste Separation

Introducing the Nexus Transform

The latest addition to the Glasdon range is changing the face of how we recycle.

Entirely customizable; from aperture color to waste type; the Nexus® Transform is a stylish, robust and versatile multi-stream recycling station. Choose from a range of colors, sizes, configurations and apertures, and our team of in-house experts will help you meet your specific waste-management requirements.

A narrow footprint makes Nexus Transform the perfect fit for a wide variety of environments; such as shopping malls, educational campuses and offices; where floor space is at a premium. Its contemporary, symmetrical design also allows Nexus Transform to be approached from all angles.

Decals are easily applied onto either of Nexus Transform’s large sides, for a touch of added personalization. Further flexibility can be added with an extensive list of optional extra features; speak to our industry experts today for more information.

Here's what JD Villegas, Vice President of Sales at Glasdon, Inc. has to say:

“We’re very excited about the launch of Nexus Transform. It’s set to become one of the most versatile recycling solutions on the market. With so many flexible options, our customers can choose their own configuration, colors and decals to best fit their needs.

What we have found is that our customers recycling needs are transforming, and this product allows our customers to adapt to those needs.”

Nexus® Transform City Duo Recycling Station

Nexus® Transform City Trio Recycling Station

Nexus® Transform City Quad Recycling Station

Nexus® Transform City Duo Recycling Bin Nexus® Transform City Trio Recycling Bin Nexus® Transform City Quad Recycling Bin

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With 60 years of waste disposal experience here at Glasdon, we're renowned for quality, design and cost effectiveness.

To begin building your perfect, personally-tailored Nexus Transform Recycling Station, why not request a quote today?

You'll recieve expert advice from our team of industry professional and technical experts, all of whom are on hand to assist with any questions and queries you may to us today to find out more!

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Wednesday, March 13, 2019
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